Plex Speed Bottleneck? VLC Streams Fine


I’m experiencing a rather frustrating issue with my Hetzner box, where I can download files with Chrome or stream through HTTP with VLC with no problem, yet I seem to have a bottleneck streaming with Plex or running iperf3 where I get less than 10 megabits requiring me to downgrade to a 4 megabit 720p stream.

It doesn’t seem to be CPU related, as I can have quite a number of users transcoding (it’s a good i7 CPU), and my initial thought was “well, the single connection speed to Hetzner must be awful from my ISP” but then when I discovered that I can download or stream through HTTP at a MUCH faster rate than I seem to get with Plex or through a single-threaded perf3 connection test, I’m realizing that something else might be going on.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Well this is interesting.

If I try to download the video file through PlexWeb, it goes at around 200-300 kilobytes/s, but if I download it through the Apache instance on my server, it goes at 4 megabytes/s+.

I’m guessing there might be some kind of traffic shaping going on with Hetzner because the Plex traffic is going over a different port? Or is there something in the QuickBox config I can look at?

Hello @ottopocho,

Did you enable the Internet upload speed in the remote access settings from your Plex server ? (you need to show the hidden features)

Hi @PastaGringo,

I tried that, but it didn’t seem to alter the crummy 300 kB/s speed I was getting, unfortunately.

Based on advice I received, I’m experimenting with an nginx reverse proxy to funnel the Plex traffic through port 443. I’ll let you guys know how that works out!

Immediate improvement following this guide!

Sadly I might have to stop using QuickBox since I’m not savvy enough to rewire everything to use nginx, etc.

It looks like this is an issue in the latest version of Plex

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Hm, as I said in that thread, it’s odd that proxying the server would fix the speed issue, assuming that’s the situation in my case.

If you can get a second IP for your server you can actually run all of these in conjunction.

Run QB off the main IP and run nginx plex off the second IP