Plex "Skip Intro" feature is just the start

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In a recent software update for the Plex Media Server software, Plex introduced the “Skip Intro” feature for TV Shows. This means if a show has a longer intro than 20 seconds, then it will present you with a skip intro option. This feature is popular on platforms like Netflix.

I was using this feature the other day, whilst watching a show, and I thought to myself about this new feature, and how similar features could be brought into the platform. I know that the Skip Intro feature is still extremely new, and is still being worked on, but imagine this.

Because of this new option, we can now get the “Skip Credits” option for shows like “Rick and Morty” so we can skip straight to the Post Credit scene. This could also be applied to films like the “Marvel” films.

We could also get a new popup for “Next Episode”. I know once the TV Show has finished, you get the 10 second countdown for the next episode, but this Next Episode could appear during the credits.

We already have data about TV shows for when breaks happen, credits start and finish from databases like IMDB and TVDB as well, and I think we’ll soon see these options and more to compete with other streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+ and Netflix.

I do believe that because of these new streaming services, Plex is going to think of a way to differentiate itself and remind it’s customer’s and new prospects why Plex is different.

I also believe other features could be created because of this as well. Auto Skip features could be improved as well as other metrics. The possibilities are endless however, I am not the biggest fan of Plex.

I do have a Jellyfin server as well and I see that as a mixture between Plex and Netflix. I do think that because Plex has introduced this feature, other media server providers will have to follow in their suit too. We’ll soon see this feature as standard for shows.

What other features do you think will appear on Plex?

Quite an easy update to implement.
VLC and other media players have had this option for some time.
I assume it is only available to be auto-skipped if the video file has a mark at a certain point in the video which marks the beginning and end of the intro.
That’s how it works in other video players.
However that’s not to say people won’t be happy with the update.

As for plex and it’s competitors, I like that plex has finally moved to do something about it’s almost complete disregard for music files on servers with it’s new plexamp app.
Haven’t tried either plexamp or plexdash apps yet (plexdash is supposed to help you monitor your plex server).

Haven’t tried jellyfin yet I am interested to see how it compares.