Plex server uninstalled

Hi guys,

I woke up this morning to a text from my father telling me that his server was unavailable to him on his roku. I run the server at his house because where he lives he gets rediculous upload. i logged in remotely and founf that PMS was uninstalled. of course upgradePlex didnt work. so i had to reinstall the server a resetup the categories. Is there a way to find ot what happend? Everyone there swears they didnt touch anything. Occam’s razor states otherwise but i digress. i just need to figure out why it happend if possible

Hi there!

The only way you’ll be able to see this is if you go through the bash history.

tail -n 100 /root/.bash_history

This will disply the last 100 commands inputted on your server. If it’s not there, then there would be no relevant logs to show (The re-install would have wiped them)