Plex Requests Problem

After installing Plex Requests and running through its setup wizard, it can no longer load in the browser and gives ‘ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS’ in browser. I’m thinking maybe this is an apache proxy issue?

Plex requests proxy was removed during testing due to bugs (such as what you are experiencing) and it should not be until in the current stable branch. Are you using the latest version?

Edit: current open issue with github. There is some consideration about moving back to the meteor version.

Please do remember that we do not maintain these projects and while sometimes we introduce bugs, more often than not the bug lies within the project itself. It is prudent to open issues (or at least search) with the developers of such projects

Thanks liara. Fully understand you folks are at the mercy of the software developed by others. Very much appreciate the hard work that is going into Quickbox. It’s unmatched. Thanks!

FYI this issue has been resolved in Version: 1.9.4. This version hasn’t pushed to github yet. But I was able to update manually via http://{servername}:3000/admin/status. Going to manually re-enable the reverse proxy entry and see how things go.