Plex Requests issue for new install

I have a backup of a good plex requests but I wanted to start fresh with the reverse proxy…takes like 10 min to setup anyway. So I uninstalled plex requests, ensured its all gone from /opt and reinstalled.

It won’t get past the getting the token from plex.

Anyone else seeing this? I tried multiple times.

(1:532)# tail -f 2016-10-25.log
2016/10/25 09:51:39.855 PlexRequests.Services.Jobs.StoreBackup Trace: Starting DB Backup
2016/10/25 09:51:39.852 PlexRequests.Services.Jobs.CouchPotatoCacher Trace: Getting the settings
2016/10/25 09:51:39.868 PlexRequests.Services.Jobs.SickRageCacher Trace: Getting the settings
2016/10/25 09:51:39.929 PlexRequests.UI.Program Info: We are on Mono!
2016/10/25 09:51:40.249 PlexRequests.Services.Jobs.PlexAvailabilityChecker Warn: A setting is null, Ensure Plex is configured correctly, and we have a Plex Auth token.
2016/10/25 09:51:40.317 PlexRequests.Services.Jobs.PlexAvailabilityChecker Debug: Validation of the plex settings failed.
2016/10/25 09:51:40.583 PlexRequests.Services.Jobs.StoreBackup Trace: Starting DB Cleanup

I have gotten a few PM’s in the inbox this morning in regards to this issue. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands today, but as soon as I have a long moment I will sit down and check this out.

The setting of the baseurl is causing an issue during the setup wizard. I’ve opened an issue with the project:

Would you like to see this reverted until fixed or instructions for a workaround?

Weird, if it’s not acceptable to run the base url command… why have the command in the first place?

Glad they were quick to fix that issue. I’d say we wait till they push the official patch on their end… assuming release doesn’t take forever.

agreed. -b makes sense when you’re automating the install. I think you continue to use it until it breaks. He has several items that I want released that are corrected and waiting release so he’d better do it soon.