Plex Requests and MP4 Conversion/Tagging Automation Feature

If our hard working master developers can add this features on Quickbox it would make quickbox better than any script out there.

Quickbox users… feel free to share your feedback about this feature. :slight_smile:

Plex Requests Meteor Version

Plex Requests .Net Version

MP4 Conversion/Tagging Automation Feature

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please provide links to git repository :smiley: thanks :smiley:

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just added the links :slight_smile:

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I would recommend the .net version over the meteor one comes out to be cleaner In my opinion

Thank you for your suggestion who knows maybe both will be added :slight_smile: we can never know these things :smiley:

I agree…net one is cleaner. It has the new status page too.

Added it on the main post. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!