Plex+QuickBox+Amazon Cloud Drive?

Hello, I recently came over an article,

Amazon Cloud Drive costs $60/year and gives you unlimited storage(100TB), and apparently you can attach this to a VPS or dedi.

Could this work with QuickBox? Can I install QuickBox as usual, attach Amazon Cloud Drive and then choose the mounted drive for all downloaded torrents?

I might be completely lost now, but it’s worth a shot.

There is an incredibly extensive thread on this topic.

It is possible with the use of rclone. I think that most of the moderately advanced users are already using this method to reduce the financial footprint of their setups… I am one such user. That thread will have a wealth of information and it’s worth the hour long read. :wink:

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I have to read it tomorrow, but are you using this solution?

I most certainly am.

So… Any way you guys could set this up for me with the guru install service? :innocent:

@wicked, @dtech_banned is our resident rclone installer. He should be in touch with you soon.

a vps though being super cheep is not ideal due to the cpu not being great. i can not recommend running plex with less than 4 threads and that is with which is ideal for 2-3 people streaming you might be able to get away with 3 but it would be pushing it if you plan to transcode.

I will be the only one using it so I don’t need the best server. But I will try to find one.

Only issue I can think of is that Amazon Cloud Drive might only offer US storage? I’m in Europe so that would be a no go.

amazon has a uk ver of the cloud

also my server is in Germany hosted by Hetzner and works well they have lot of options.

Do I have to select this or is it automatic?

is what automatic?

oh i should also say you can set up the plex+rclone mount on a vm and use a vps to upload to the cloud and just watch them on the vm server. this is how i do it.

Yep, that’s what I would like.

I registered through, guess I should have signed up at to get EU location?

i dont think it really matters tbh

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