Plex not seeing server...on the server? What?

I installed QB in a vm, and installed plex months ago. I need to basically re-create that VM. I installed ubuntu, QB, all went smoothly. I installed Plex from the list of plugins, refreshed the page and clicked “Plex” in the sidebar, it opens the plex application on x.x.x.x:31400/web/, has me log in, but no setup wizard loads. It just loads up other remote servers that I have access to on my account.

I can obviously access the plex application that QB installed, but the setup wizard doesn’t seem to load? I’ve reinstalled plex twice, rebooted twice, cleared cookies, used a different browser, I have no idea whats wrong.

Worth noting I have turned OFF the previous QB plex installation.

Another note, if I try to go to x.x.x.x:31400/web/index.html#!/setup, I get the setup screen but it says “Setup is not allowed for shared servers” and doesn’t let me do anything.

This is fixed, this thread resolved my issue (specifically the ssh tunnel)

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