Plex data usage on VPS

Got a setup where Plex runs on a VPS and the Movies/Series data are stored another server (ACD).

If I upload my movies on ACD via a different machine than my VPS, then it looks like Plex on the VPS downloads/reads all files fully bit by bit while doing the library scan. This causes and lot of bandwidth usage on my VPS.

Do you recognize this and how can I disable Plex behaving this way?

Plex needs to reads the files in order to determinate file type and size a.k.a Meta… Make no mistake, Plex on your VPS will take up some GB. Maybe even more then your VPS allows.

That’s clear for me. But I would expect Plex to read/analyze only the index of the files specifying the required filetype/bitrate/language etc. It now looks to read every file from ACD bit by bit.

In the hypothetical case of connecting an existing ACD with for instance 4 TB of Movies and Series to Plex, it would effect in the VPS to directly download 4 TB.