Plex cannot read/write my media directory

Could this topic get fixed?

Content is kinda missing I assume :slight_smile:

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Hi everybody ! First of all, i apologize if my english is approximate, it’s not my first language .
i tried the following command to change plex rigths :

usermod -a -G ${username} plex
chown ${username}:plex /home/${username}
chmod 755 /home/${username}
setfacl -m g:${username}:rwx /home/${username}

but it doesn’t work, i have this message “usage: usermod [otpion] LOGIN”

I’m new with command prompt, and i don’t know what to do . . .

If someone wants to help, it would be wondeful !! :slight_smile:

Hey there @achnael! Just to confirm, you did replace the USERNAMEHERE!!! with your own username correct?

Hey !! thx for the answer, but yeah i did replace USERNAMEHERE!!! with my own username ^^