Plex Buffering since update

I recently updated plex on my server and on my home computer (the app), and since then I have noticed extreme buffering. Before this update I never had any trouble with buffering or anything else of the like. I was wondering if there was anything that anyone could think of that would have caused this sudden change in behaviour? Or if theres anything I can do to try to diagnose the issue?

Downgrade! A lot of Plex users have reported the same issue. Just have a look at Reddit and plex forum. I downgraded back to 1.3.3 and had no issue since

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there is a post here about downgrading on so you start, let me find it


Thank you for the post, I will definitely do this. Much love!

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New plex update may address these issues. It was just released. version is

Use upgradePlex to update to this new version. Fallback as necessary if you notice it’s not addressing these issues. We’ll continue monitoring their change logs to see if this is not the case.