Play mkv inside NextCloud

Hey guys,

quick question: Is it possible to play a MKV file inside the Chrome browser (in my case) after logging in into my NextCloud account on my server?
I used the “mount external drive” add-on to connect my rTorrent download folder to NextCloud, but every time I click on a video file inside my rTorrent folder it is being downloaded and not streamed. Although the video player is activated:

Do you have a solution for this?

And I’ve an advanced question for NextCloud: Why can’t I just copy or move a file into my NextCloud root folder? I created a new folder inside the root folder, but I can’t copy or move files into it. The only thing that works is uploading a file via my browser.

I think you might need this handy little flow chart I follow. It’s been right every time I’ve had a problem:


nextcloud user is www-data
you’ll probably find it’s because the file you’ve put in that folder isn’t readable by www-data

Also, I don’t think that video player will only play if it’s h.264 web video (mp4 usually)
Have you considered using plex or emby for your media?

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I think there might be an mkv plugin for chrome/VLC as well

Actually after thinking of this I would install Plex or Emby because they support transcoding on the fly. Then I don’t need a plugin for Chrome. By the way, which one would you prefer? :smiley: