PHP.ini - Update or keep local version?

Hey, just a short question: When I update my server (16.04, get-update & get-upgrade) and he finds a new PHP version he asks me this question:

Should I install the package maintainer’s version or keep the current local modified version? So far I always went for the local one but yeah… just wanted to know it :slight_smile:

That’s it :slight_smile:

I would opt to keep the current version, this way the changes made stay in tact. I have yet to review the new php.ini, however, I am sure it’s just a default as it comes with the update of php. I plan on looking over this thoroughly today. If there are any considerable changes and necessary modules added to the php.ini file then we will make a template of it and add it for easy updating :slight_smile:

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thanks for your answer JM =)

Sorry for bumping an old post, but I clicked the wrong button during apt-get upgrade.

There were two prompts like OP, one of them I mis-clicked and chose to install the maintainers version and the other one I kept the local currently installed version.

I’m not sure what I should do.

Should I wipe the system clean and start over again or can I somehow recover the old files?

It was the following packages:

I tested this theory on a test server and found that it didn’t really make a difference as it will still use the original location of the initial php.ini. As per those packages, that is fine and expected as you do indeed want them to update.

If you do notice anything out of the ordinary however in your continued use, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll get you fixed up accordingly. :smiley: