Permissions issues with my DL folder


  1. Some applications (Plex, BTSync …) seem unable to access to my DL folder : /home/user/torrents/rtorrent
    For example Plex can only see /home/user/ and it appears empty.

  2. I also have an issue with the stream plugin of RuT.
    For example it generates an xspf file with this location : https://myserver/plugins/stream/stream.php?f=%2Fhome%2FUSER%2Ftorrents%2Frtorrent%2FEntourage.S08.720p.BluRay.X264-DEMAND%2Fentourage.s08e08.720p.bluray.x264-demand.mkv
    but when my videoplayer (VLC, Potplayer…) asks me to authenticate, my default login/pass doesn’t work.

My Quickbox is updated and runs on Debian 8
Thanks for your help !

Hey @Larz,

In an attempt to fix your permissions in your home directory you can type fixhome and see if you’ll get fixed automagically.

If that still doesn’t seem to have access, you can try the following:

username=<Enter Your Username Here>
usermod -a -G ${username} plex
chown ${username}:plex /home/${username}
chmod 750 /home/${username}
setfacl -m g:${username}:rwx /home/${username}

BTSync we have a folder setup specifically for it to avoid clobbering files seeding and/or otherwise. The folder to hardlink, move or copy files to is /home/username/sync_folder

As per the streaming plugin, there are known issues with this. I am thinking that the next release version will address the path for the plugin/media streaming destination. However, we are also contemplating removing it as it is hit and miss and is incredibly out-of-date from it’s author source.

This is exactly what I do, I link the thing after downloading into this folder, then btsync copies it to my home pc, where it gets processed. I have a script run at the end of every torrent, and if its in folderA or folderB, it copies (links) it to folders in the sync_folder directory.

cp -rlv home/username/torrents/TV /home/username/sync_folder/sickrage

or something similar. Its a simple script that checks the folder the torrent is in, then links it or ignores it. It checks for tvshows or movies.

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hi @kysersoze79. how to remove the script if i dedicated not to use it later? thanks

It is run by deluge upon completion of all torrents. To not use it, simply remove it from running in deluge.

Deluge has plugins (so does rutorrent) that allow things/scripts/etc to be run at various points (adding a torrent, finishing a torrent, etc). Thats where it runs.