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I have recently donated and wanted to buy an install service from you. I have a seedbox who says that can install quickbox for me. They’re only running Unbuntu 14.04. What I need help with is automation and download management setup. I’m looking for a guru to setup sonarr and radarr and rutorrent for me with rsync. I have my own server at home that already has and runs plex with its own folder structure so I don’t need plex or cloud drive on my server. Is that something you can help with? If so which service do I choose? My specific concerns revolve around the file management and organization into correct folders. Also what to do with one off downloads and how they’re handled and sorted.


That would be an issue as we only support 15.10 + for the use of systemd. If they’re offering it on an Ubuntu 14.04, they have either modified the setup to permit install (then they would need to additionally modify all the install and startup packages). I would rather advise finding a dedicated server or a nice big VM.

For this I go @dtech_banned @dtech_banned @dtech_banned
I here if you call his name 3 times he appears… though he’s rather busy with work these days, he’ll see this before too long and possibly swing out some ideas.

Thank you. I’ll check on their Unbuntu version again. They have said they have others running quickbox without issues so maybe I have bad info. I’ll also wait on @dtech_banned. I appreciate the response.

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If the home server is a Linux build then should be able to set it up with the mount to read and then have the external server do the uploads and seeding.

Ok. My home box is not Linux, it’s a windows unit. I’ll explore server options and get back with you. Thanks.

If I can ask, what kind of server are you looking for? :slight_smile: