Other User can't see the Subsonic icon

Account #1, the Admin account of the seedbox when logging through DNS, Let’s call him Adam
Account #2 a newly created account in the seedbox Let’s call her Amanda


When I log in on my seedbox through Adam, I can see all the icons on the right fine, those are the ones that I have installed.

When I log in on my seedbox through Amanda, I can’t see the Subsonic icon, but I do see Rutorrent.

How do I make sure that Subsonic is Visible on the account Amanda?

Answered you on IRC. Basically, with the community version of QuickBox, packages like subsonic are only available to the master account. Additional created sub-accounts only benefit from torrent clients.

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ty :slight_smile: I understand it now!

So, what is your solution? Might share with us.