Ordered a Guru install for about 2 and a half hour ago, and nothing has happened




I ordered af guru install for about 2 and hal hour ago. no one contacted me and I haven’t got any message yet. Under my account is just say Processing. What do I have to do?


Keep waiting. :slight_smile: The guru install service is not an instant process. The Guru’s have lives and live in different time-zones. You just have to wait until they check their PM’s and they will contact you.


Ok nice to know. Just read about the service on another site. where a user claimed, that it took less than an hour :slight_smile:


it does once the person gets to you, they are human after all :smile:


yeah i just woke up after all and in next hr or so got to go to work :stuck_out_tongue: which sucks but gotta pay bills.
so by the end of the day i can have your server up and running.


Contacting you now


super… (y)