Option to leave SSH port default

Is there a way in the installer to add an option to leave the SSH port default?

We could include this as an option. I would prefer to have sendmail installed first however as this will open you up to a bombardment of bots that just look for port 22 by default. The idea behind 4747 is not security through obscurity, but rather to tone down the sheer level of hits one can get from bad bots… this in turn can be a massive fill on the logs.

Once I have sendmail comfortably integrated and ready for public release, I think the option to leave ssh default or to change would be doable. :slight_smile:

maybe instead we could add a command like the setdisk that goes in and changes the port for them. they just have to tell it what port. or give them options.

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That’s not a bad idea. I’ll consider that as well. :thumbsup:

One of the cool things about the web console…you flub up the sshd_conf and lock yourself out…you just connect to the webconsole, fix it. No more firing up drac/ilo etc.

The web console must not follow the sshd_conf file rules.

I see your point

Only thing it would be nice for if the server was on your internal network. And fumbling on SSH when testing on my home server with random internal ips since my home server has hyper-v

The web server publishes one or more services that will be displayed in a VT100 emulator implemented as an AJAX web application. By default, the port is 4224 and the default service URL is [If no particular service was requested, the server launches /bin/login querying the user for their username and password. It then starts the user’s default login shell.

In this case it seems to be obeying the guidelines of the Limited Shell environment that is installed (which is not limited for the master account :wink: ).