Openvpn setup proceedure

I am familliar with openvpn just not sure if the zipped file is configured right? waht i mean is what lon do i choose , password password and cert or do not require… i never set a openvpn password just cert usernames so i think thats why it fails… any help on what i’m missing would be great, and btw i love this site so far its almost totaly automated the whole box vps setup and made it very user friendly, befor i found this i did it all from scratch folowing the4 seedbox setup guide on google. thanks again :slight_smile:

i actualy fixed the issue myself, i uninstalled quickVPN manualy instaled openvpn threw ssh console as root using .deb latest package even tho i’m running ubuntu 16.04 not debian it installed easily, of couse i made sure to remove the quickVPN first then it was as simple as downloading my preconfigured file from the port i setup the admin on and viola… it works and it even worked with the quickbox daqshboard not showing the open vpn login in the server status window… all is good my friends