OpenVPN blocked by university firewall

My university is blocking the OpenVPN routing from my server. I’ve tried connecting to the OpenVPN server at home, and it is successful.

I’ve tried removing and resetting up the VPN with different ports including 110, 443, and some other ports that are notoriously unblocked at university. Is there anything I can modify in the server.conf file to bypass the inability to connect?

Please comment if you need any more details :slight_smile:


Are you trying to connect to 443 on UDP or TCP? UDP may be blocked, but if they outright blocked TCP 443, it would severely cripple any SSL connection on their entire network. Not likely.

If OpenVPN is still failing on TCP connections, it’s possible your University is utilizing a DPI (deep packet inspection) firewall which might be hard to circumvent.

A bit of reading here might help give you some ideas:

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