- can't install addons, infinite loop!

Hi! Just got a box, os debian.
But I got some issue with installing addons, they just freeze in install mode.
1.login in with my user name and password command ~/
4.using the script

Whats wrong? :slight_smile:

Got it to work, If i disable user quotas, everything works fine… Strange!

Hi there,
What addons are you talking about ?
And if possible could take a screenshot.

I can enable them manually, then they start but still dosent work perfectly. I dont understand why this is happening. When I install this on kimsufi, I got no trouble at al.

Does anyone have a working guide for

I can’t even upload .torrent or .nzb file…

7zip is not installed either.

When I try to install a new plugin, it just freeze here.

got this error when I did a clean installasion with ubuntu server 16.04
Installing .rtorrent.rc for seedy … [ DONE ]
Adjusting fileupload & filemanager plugins … [/] perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
LANGUAGE = (unset),
LC_ALL = (unset),
LANG = “en_US.UTF-8”
are supported and installed on your system.
perl: warning: Falling back to a fallback locale (“en_US.UTF-8”).
[ DONE ]
Installing autodl-irssi … [ DONE ]

I am having the same issue with my (Ubuntu 16.04) and (Debian 8) server. When I try to install a new plugin, it will just loop when installing, but nothing ever install correctly. As you can see below Jackett, Plex and Sonarr is shown installed but not working.

Is there a way to install them though ssh or command line?

Couch Potato infinite loop installation.

Same with Sick Rage

Installation fail though the command line also.::cry::disappointed:

I think you’re doing it wrong. I think you are using sudo and that is executing the box command from your directory, correct?

You need to execute it from /root

do this:
sudo su -
and then call box and select the menu choices in box and try it from there.

I would uninstall everything from box and then install everything from box

You might have to uninstall the apps and then remove the files from /home/live/.config/NzbDrone and then try the install


It would be better if everything was working from the gui instead of commands.

I did a fresh install of Debian 8 on both server, then install everything though box. Everything is working now, but I had to install Jackett and Sonarr twice for them to work on both severs. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Here are the error.

I also mange to get it work with manual installation. But I still cant upload a torrent file or nzb file manually.

What wrong with this script and :frowning:

I have run it on 4 boxes and it’s always worked perfectly for me.

I have run it on 2 XC 2016s, a LT 2016 and one of the limited edition boxes…all good…stock installs of the OS. Ubuntu 16.04.

This is the 3 time I try to install in on a fresh ubuntu 16.04
this error shows up every time
Adjusting fileupload & filemanager plugins … [|] perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

What does this mean?


Perhaps your system doesnt have locale set correctly before you run the QB script.

did not get any errors now. But still can’t upload test torrent file and installation from the GUI still dosent work. strange

I think you should look at this:

It’s inexpensive and they make sure it all works.

I know thats a option. But I want to learn and make it work :slight_smile: And it makes no sense that I got this to work on kimsufi and homeserver but not on

I believe the issue preventing GUI installations from the panel since the update has been resolved

Please remember that the dev team for this project is very small. Any hints, logs, error reports or troubleshooting steps you’ve taken yourself can go a long way in resolving bugs you find highly annoying.

Not all of us use the GUI. Personally, I use the cli and find package management from the panel to be cumbersome, which is why this was not detected sooner.

Got it to work, If i disable user quotas, everything works fine… Strange!