Ombi v3 on Quickbox?

Is there any way to install Ombi v3 on Quickbox?



I’m going to be posting an updated package installer here in the next couple of days to address this.

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Great news thanks!

brilliant have tried everything to get tv shows to work but it just won’t for me.
looking forward to using V3.

Has this update package been posted?

It has been! You can run the update and it should update your install packages accordingly. One thing to note at the moment however:

Ok, for now a workaround is to go through the Ombi Wizard (@ http://YOURIP:5000) and add the base path manually as /ombi. After you restart Ombi, you should be able to access it via https://YOURIP/ombi

Posted here:

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I am also having a issue with Ombi V3 on my Quickbox install, it seems like the service isn’t running I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling using box, I have also tried the upgrade option but when running the upgrade option it outputs some errors not sure if those correlate with the issue.


Same here, I reinstalled my server, all packages are working correctly except for ombi.
It has a red dot and gives 503 Service Unavailable Error. I tried “upgradeOmbi” without success.

whitesmokes:~# upgradeOmbi
whitesmokes:~# systemctl status ombi
● ombi.service - Ombi - PMS Requests System
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/ombi.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: activating (auto-restart) (Result: exit-code) since Sun 2017-11-12 11:50:55 EET; 172ms ago
Process: 2019 ExecStart=/opt/Ombi/Ombi (code=exited, status=136)
Main PID: 2019 (code=exited, status=136)

Nov 12 11:50:55 systemd[1]: ombi.service: Unit entered failed state.
Nov 12 11:50:55 systemd[1]: ombi.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

When I try to do it manually as mentioned here:
I get the following error. Any help? Thanks!


apt-get install libunwind8 

solved the install issue

Now, I’m stuck at the Loading... screen

I solved my issue by opening an issue on ombi gitub, so anybody who happens to stumble on it and be stuck at loading screen:

I setup a tunnel 8888 to localhost:5000 and it works when using it. It redirects me to the wizard
From there you setup your ombi normally and it would be accessible outside the tunnel as well.

As I expressed on that issue. You can simply navigate to http://<SERVERIP>:5000 to begin the Wizard. From there, go to settings and set your base path to /ombi. Follow that up with a restart to Ombi from your dashboard. You can then go to Ombi via the given link on the Dashboard.

There is no need to setup a tunnel to do so.

That was the first thing I tried, unfortunately, it didn’t load anything when going to the above address.
Only tunnel worked for me.

The following were the steps I did in order to make Ombi v3 work on my dedi:

NB: I was running Ombi v2, at the start of these steps.

  • Run upgradeOmbi via Putty
  • Uninstalled Ombi using the Package Management Center of the QB UI.
  • Installed Ombi using Package Management Center of the QB UI.
  • Navigated to http://<SERVERIP>:5000 - and went through the setup wizard
  • Make sure to add /ombi to Base Url here: http://<SERVERIP>/ombi/Settings/Ombi

NB: On that last step, don’t get fooled that it might look like it’s already added - make sure you write it!

Default ^^

After you’ve added /ombi

  • Save all settings - now try to access Ombi, via the Main Menu in QB. You might need to restart Ombi using the Service Control Center in the QB UI.

I just tested from scratch on a Kimsufi box, and the above worked there without any issues on that one too.


So I’m running the latest QB available version of Ombi and it seems to be using almost 22GB’s of virtual memory. This seems like quite a lot to me, is it possible to update to a newer version and check if this issue persists?

Ombi is using 22GB of virt ram?

Perhaps I’m reading this wrong, but yes?