Ombi not communicating with SickRage/Couchpotato


I’m just wondering what the settings should look like. I keep getting an error

Could not connect to CouchPotato, please check your settings. Exception Message: Got StatusCode=Unauthorized for http://localhost/couchpotato/blahblahblah

I’ve tried different ports and have the API and such correct.

Not a whole lot to go by here without knowing which settings you have tried - I’ll give it a go though (using Radarr myself atm).

Port: Unless you’ve changed anything, I think the default is 5050
API Key: Must be generated via CP (General Settings with advanced views enabled if I remember correctly).
CP Base URL: Can’t remember, might just be /couchpotato
User/pass: Which ever login you picked for CP upon setup.

If non of this helps you any further let me know - I can install CP on my box later to test hands on with Ombi :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks. I had tried “localhost” as well as my domain but using “” did it. :slight_smile:

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