Ombi is asking for 'rutorrent' password

I just set up Ombi but when anyone goes to the ombi url they get an authentication popup asking for ‘rutorrent’ credentials. How do I disable that popup so they can log into ombi with the credentials created in ombi? You can click cancel on the authentication popup and it lets you log into ombi. I checked the apache conf file for ombi and it does have the “Require all granted” added to it. I’m stumped and any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

You can edit the ombi.conf file located at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

Ensure it looks like the following:

<Location /ombi>
ProxyPass http://localhost:5000/ombi
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:5000/ombi
Require all granted

Then send a restart to apache with service apache2 restart. If you are still receiving the auth popup, try to clear your browser cache.

Thanks for the reply! My ombi.conf file looks exactly like that and i’ve restarted apache a few times, cleared browser cache and data and tried multiple browsers but I still get the auth popup. I’ve tried modifying the ombi conf file a little just to make sure it is being used and it definitely affects things. Any other ideas on what could be causing the auth popup?

Not really sure, the browser auth would only popup if the config has an expression for it to do so. I’ll have to think a bit on this one for a moment.

I really appreciate the help! I’m no expert but everything i’ve read says that it should be working with the confg file set up like that. I just remembered that after I installed Ombi through the quickbox interface i had to replace the /Ombi files to get the newest version. Could that possibly have anything to do with it? I’m thinking not but for the sake of full disclosure I figured i better mention it. Im also running letsencrypt and routing traffic through cloudfare.

Hmm, had you cleared the cache through Cloudflare, or are you just using DNS services? Something, somewhere, has got to be caching that.

Admittedly im not exactly sure. I went to my cloudflare overview and it shows “caching level: standard”

Is the little cloud next to your A Record orange?

it’s orange

Could you click it to make it grey and then clear all cache on Cloudflare?

Just did it

I tried multiple browsers and cleared all their cache and im still getting the popup. do i need to give it some more time to see if that worked?