OK Rclone automation


so i dont have time to open it all the way for orders and what not. but i have time for 5 orders.
meaning that the first five*5 people to either on here or in message. the money will have to go though the donation for quickbox so $40
which includes the apps plex, sonarr, radarr.

Unleash the power of automation with rclone cache mount + filebot . Automate your server with unlimited streaming capabilities utilizing Plex,

$40 for rclone automation also will include Sonarr and Radarr configure and setup for auto downloads

things needed to do the following is

  • a google cloud account I will need login to make a rclone config
  • plex login for setting up the plex to best suit the cloud
  • a server running 200mbps + is recommended for best results
  • plex setup is included in this purchase

If you already have stuff on your server that you want uploaded dont worry i got you covered I will run a manual upload of all local content so that you will have it on the cloud as who wants to redo things right?

What does this setup include?

-First I start by making sure i have all the information needed to do the job.

-Second I will install all the software needed to run the setup which includes Plex, Union, Rclone, Filebot.

-Third I will go through and configure everything to run smoothly and reliably. using systemd and rtorrent to run the programs.

How does this work?

Well first of you have a torrent you add it to the torrent client in this case it is rutorrent, you can add it manually or use the apps to have them added automatically based on what you have it look for.

Ok so you have a torrent downloading now what? well you wait then once it’s finished filebot will kick into action upon torrent completion, it will extract if archived and will then make a hardlink and rename said hardlink to pre defined format so that things are all nice. using labels like anime/movies/shows/tv/music will help better sort things and put them in the right place the only one that is required is anime as it will end up in tv unless told otherwise. ok so now we have a local renamed hardlink now what? well first off we keep it local for 3 days so that 1 apps can scan it faster, users can play file faster, after 3 days the file is uploaded to your cloud using rclone.

So now we have files on the cloud how does that work?

We use these files by having a Unionfs mount that is a combination of local/plexdrive/rclone in that order. so everything is in a nice location for the user to use /home/$USER/cloud/(FILES)

-questions you might have like will this work with other setups i have had in the past?
in short depends if i set them up then most likely if not then i would have to see the setup and or at least understand how it was done.

-will this mean you can use a small server to download things?
yes and no if you wish to just have a vps and not seed which i don’t recommended as seeding is good thing.
so use what ever space you can,

-what speeds do i need on the server to make this work?
download speeds should be at least 200mbps down and upload should be 200+mbps for low quality
for 4k you would want to have faster speeds but 200mbps would be the lowest i can recommended with slower speeds i would make sure you understand that you will most likley end up changing later on and that i would charge you again.

-can i backup this and make it work on another server as well?
in short if you want to back up your whole server so be it but i only tell you where the settings are not how it works as if i told how it works i might as
well make it open source and then id never see a dime for the time i spent learning how to do it.

-how long will it take to complete the setup?
soon as i start it can take a few hrs depending on what all you already have and if i have to move things around and or reconfigure the server so that it will work with the setup
soon as i start i let you know and then if i have any questions and or anything i need from you i will contact you. new setups are quicker,
custom builds might take longer and or might be refunded and or cost more consider asking me before ordering just incase.


Isn’t G Suite the same thing?


Yes it is the same thing.

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