Oblivion Blue Inclusion

Is it possible to get the oblivion blue theme added to the quickbox setup package? I personally kinda miss that theme.

you would :wink:

#suggestion-added :thumbsup:

###View commit here:


ah yeah they´re both a nice addition.
@JMSolo might have a look here:

A few flat suggestions in this flatui world atm :slight_smile:

A friends did a nice Material Design Theme that i use since months…
I’ve contacted him, and he’s ok if QuickBox wants to use his theme (except if his name disappears) :wink:
You can take a look here :

Wow, great suggestions everybody! :smile:

These have been added to the official themes list. The additions are quite large (in regards to commits) so loading this commit adjustment for review could be hefty… but here it is to confirm: