Nzbget package suggestion

I’m going to throw a suggestion out there to add Nzbget as a package to quickbox

Justification for suggestion: there will always be some users who don’t use torrents and only use sonarr and coach potato mixed with Usenet downloaders, this makes quickbox a great solution to roll out a usenet download box if they wished by installing CP sonarr and nzbget or any of the other leading clients


would love nzbget or sabnzb as a package as sonarr, sickbeard and sickrage all use newgroup downloader, yes you can use torrents but it is much more efficient with nzb downloads

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This has found it’s way on our Roadmap and will definitely be included very soon!


Yeah! I would love to see NZBGet coming to QuickBox!!!

@JMSolo whatever happened with this out of curiosity? :slight_smile:

Yeah, it fell off the map there. I am going to revisit this one as I got distracted with other matters to include. The next version is definitely going to have SickGear and Medusa included, and more than likely NZBGet will work it’s way in there as it makes sense to have it with the current packages available…


Yeah I’m seeing SickRage and Medusa and of course NZBGet would be most welcome. :smiley:

Thanks for all the work you do!

Sunday Funday? :raising_hand_man:

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Indeed it is!

version bump to v2.5.2 complete with NZBGet and SickGear. Also with live status on Applications installed (no more refreshing a page to see if a service went down, or finding out when clicking on a dashboard link)

A whole lot to this commit…


Awesome, thank you!

Out of curiosity, is there a SSL defined port nzbget runs on like with sabnzbd?

Sure, it uses a reverse so it will be available on https: as well.


    <Location /nzbget>
    ProxyPass http://localhost:6789/nzbget
    ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:6789/nzbget
    AuthType Digest
    AuthName "rutorrent"
    AuthUserFile '/etc/htpasswd'
    Require user USERNAME

Hmm. Can’t seem to get SSL to work with it via Sonarr. Does it not run NZBGet on a different port for ssl like with sab?

Just use http://localhost:6789 when inputting into other apps… I would assume. There’s no need for https connections I wouldn’t think, it’s all on the localhost.

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