NZB360 won't connect to Sonarr or Radarr


I can’t get NZB360 to connect to Sonarr or Radart. What settings are y’all using?


I am having this issue also, I get an authentication error or a null depending on what settings I play with. Nothing seems to work. I can connect to my nzbget and sab installs though.

I’ve tried every combination of ports. base urls, ssl etc possible.


Same issue here, I think it will be something with nzb360 not passing the authentication correctly. You only get the unauthorized message when using user:[email protected] in the host field.

PS: I didn’t found the correct settings for sabnzbd as well, can you pass yours?


Im sorry I uninstalled Sab and I’m using nzbget instead and I did not save off my sab setup before I deleted it. I don’t want to guess and give you the wrong info. Why not try nzbget? Its fairly simple to get it going and to setup the letsencrypt ssl and auto renewal.

I like it much more than sab, its certainly a subjective opinion though, they both work just fine.


NZB360 doesn’t support digest authentication, only basic.

If you want to use it, you will need to create a new htpassword file and update the apache configs to use basic authentication. You need to update the configs after every quickbox update also.


See this post and review @Andy10Gbit’s answer.