Notice a change recently?

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Have you noticed something different recently? We haven’t really made a fuss over it until now, but have you noticed something? We’ve been working very hard and we think you like it and it looks amazing.

Yes, we are talking about our brand new graphics! You’ve probably seen it over the past few weeks on our Announcement posts and blog posts our fantastic new design. This has also been pulled through to our YouTube and Twitter pages.

We have been working on this for a while and we’re super happy with the designs. They incorporate a futuristic look, with some fancy shapes and all. Both jeells102 and Mischief worked on this together to make the design the best it could be.

We’ve got some fantastic new work coming up very soon as well and so we all hope you like it.

Don’t forget about our next Livestream event coming up which you can read more about here.