Not Full Duplex with quickbox

We are wondering how it is that the script does not automatically configure full duplex.
Used other scripts and they have no issues with it but after installing quickbox it is either download or upload at full potential or the connection max is shared between the 2.

We are running tests on servers with 1Gbps full duplex and other scripts run fine except quickbox.
Any suggestions what steps to take as we do not like to screw with a script we have no knowledge about and like to configure things during initial setup, with some simple commands so our installations take little time, instead of configuring the OS end.

We tested on debian and ubuntu setups

as QuickBox is just a GUI it has no effect on the servers performance.

if you question it you are more than welcome to go over the code nothing in it limits the speeds of a server and or the nic settings such as duplex.
I would think it is your server and or the host providing the server that is being the limit. also could be the way you are testing the server as well.

and normally providers will limit the port speed so that the max port speed is 1gbit not 1 up and down just a total of 1gbit.

its something in rutorrent settings i think because when i do tests it runs just fine.
We installed 5 different setups with different scripts and none had the duplex issue, just quickbox.

we tested it on 3 different servers by the way.
not once we got 1Gbps down and some upload, it was always around 60MB/s down and 40MB/s up, where other scripts on same torrent had 120MB/s down and around 80MB/s up.

Where is the speed configured in rutorrent, are there throttles in place as in some other scripts?

all settings for rutorrent can be found in /userdir/.rtorrent.rc

and no settings are in place to make it slower and or limit the speeds you see. but if you have better results with another script cool use it.

also has a lot to do with peering/ and torrents that your downloading.

Look at the plugins for rutorrent. Disable Throttle and there is another one…my system is down so I can’t look.

If you really think its the QB setup then compare the .rtorrent.rc files between the slow vs fast but my gut says its the plugins.

Run speed tests like iperf on the OS and you’ll see QB doesnt impact the network speeds and if the rtorrent.rcs are similar then its the plugins.

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It’s Throttle and Extratio. Remove both of those and see if your speed increases.

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I agree. There is nothing in our setup that would incorrectly setup your network interface. We deal with apps and services not drivers. Under ideal circumstances I’ve seen my machine push 100 down/110 up simultaneously. Look into app settings and disable unused plugins


will do that, installing fresh now and see how that goes, thanks