Nextcloud update

any way to upgrade the nextcloud version (I’m currently at v9, newest is v12) from inside the quickbox UI / ssh or should i upgrade it myself manually? (updater inside of NC is failing)

I can change the installer ver but that wont help of the upgrade upgrade should be done in the app if i recall correctly

In order to update nextcloud you need to do this:

  • execute sudo rm -rf /srv/nextcloud/assets/;sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /srv/nextcloud/
  • connect into nextcloud and go to the admin section and update via the web interface
  • execute sudo service apache2 restart
  • log back into the web interface and there will be an update button…this will update the database. do it.

You’re now on the latest nextcloud.


Additionally, the version is now updated on the installer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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update didn’t really work, but i can now change the max upload filesize with these commands, so that’s nice.

i just backed up my data and reinstalled it with the new version provided by you guys. thanks!

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