Nextcloud error 403

I expose you my problem:
After creating a VirtualHost for a site, and having it activated, I restarted apache and now I have an error message about my Nextcloud configuration that I did not even touch! Saying that the term “Servername” is not allowed. I’m going to see and hold, a line “servername site name created previously” appeared in! 0o
Well that’s all I remove and reboot apache. No more problem, this one restarts correctly but going to check the access to the different services, here is that Nextcloud is not available any more and apache displays me:


You don’t have permission to access /nextcloud on this server.

Good and there, I tell you that I do not know how to solve the problem.
Can someone help me please?

Thank you

Good, thank you for the help …
I finally found the solution after 1 month of searching the configuration files. I explain anyway, for those who would be interested. Webmin had modified the file “nextcloud.conf” in etc / apache2 / site enabled. the location of the folder “/ srv / nextcloud /” had been deleted.

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