Newbie Linux Questions

I am not too familiar with linux. Can anyone help me with a couple questions? (Sorry for the dumb questions)

1.On the command l ine, it outputs something like this:
[[email protected]]:(0b)~$

Sometimes, the 0b in parenthesis changes, for example, I have another window open, and it displays:
[[email protected]]:(3.9kb)~$

What is the size signifying? I have never seen this before on any linux machine prompt

2.When I run a ls command, or anything like that, all the directories are yellow, while video files are pink, flac files are a light blue. It seems all the color codes have been modified?

It seems to be completely different from the defaults (at least from: )

For both of these, it seems to be only with my user that the QB created. Is this a change done by the quickbox install? If I login to the server as root, everything seems like the default colors, the command prompt is what I’ve see else etc. (then again, I am not a heavy linux user, so I could be completely wrong)

I checked .bashrc and I don’t see any settings for the color changes (in /home/USERNAME/.bashrc)

1.the (size) is what the folder you are in is using space wise.

2.yes the colors are changed for quickbox as we have a modified ssh config. you can turn it off if you like. with prompt_OFF
starting at line 109 you can see the color mods done.

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Thank you, awesome as always

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