New users has no access to their dashboard


It is not possible for new users to access their dashboard and rutorrent. Web page is prompting for password but denied access.

Master user has no problem.


What OS are you on?

  • Just created a test user on my own server. Works perfect


aslo what ver are you running try doing a update then recreate user.


Also, just for clarity. Are usernames using all lowercase… if you use uppercase then issues may exist.


I’m on Deb 8.5.

Username and password are all in lowercase. When trying to recreate the use I got an error.

-bash: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/alias.USERNAME.console.conf: cannot overwrite existing file

All done with root.

QuickBox 2.3.7


That error only implies that the apache configuration file for the web console already exist, thus it will not overwrite. I should actually remove that as created users do not have access to that feature.

I am firing up a Debian install now and I will test to see if I can replicate this.


Can you type the changeUserpass command and reset the users password?

I think because you are removing and then recreating the user… it is duplicating their htpasswd entries. Using that command above should rm their old entries and insert the fresh password.



This did it. Resetting the password helped. The user can now log on the the dashboard and rutorrent, but not the deluge web. It is the original password.


Right, for that you would need to run the python equivalent.

Approximate usage would be like this: /home/_username_/.config/deluge/

PS: I wish this were simpler…


Ok, It’s nice to know. I’ll write it down in case I need it.

Thank you all for your support.


I was looking at the change pass code last night thinking about how deluge was missing. Should be pretty trivial to get it an all in one script :slight_smile:


It’s like you noticed my invisible wink there.


Yeah almost figured you had something invisible in your eye :stuck_out_tongue: