New users added / trouble in Rutorrent


I have installed the quickbox, and with or without quota, I have the same problem…
When I try to connect with one of my new user recently added, the scgi_port from rtorrent is not display on the interface and the rutorrent link doesn’t appear… I cant list the torrent, I can’t use file manager (mandatory for my two users who don’t have a ssh access)…
I have this message in french : Vérifier la configuration de $scgi_port et de $scgi_host dans config.php et scgi_port dans le fichier de configuration de rTorrent.

I have installed with one master user (no problems with him, I see the scgi_port and file manager is available).//edit : I have the same probleme since I use the reload command, my rutorrent link has disappear

My server is like that
1 master user, used by Plex to aggregate the 3 user folder (with specific library permission in plex) // I don’t want to use it with rutorrent
3 users with their own folder for rutorrent (/home/usr1…)

  • I just use the script on a hetzner server with raid 0
  • add 3 users
  • create a tunnel for plex
  • give permission to plex user (the first user create with the script)
    sudo apt-get install acl
    sudo usermod -a -G user plex
    sudo chown -R user:plex /home/user
    sudo chmod -R 750 /home/user
    sudo setfacl -m g:user:rwx /home/user

someone could help me, I have try to look at the userconfig.php but I dont find problems (I’m not an expert)…

Thanks a lot

So I finally found a big part : I give permission to all folder for the other users (chmod 777)…

All seem to work except I don’t see for users the port in the quickbox page but its not important