New User Set Disk Unavailable?

Hiya all, I just created a new user using the command “createSeedboxUser” I have allocated username and password. But when it comes to allocating disk space for some reason I am shown the following error message:-
/usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/setdisk: line 32: setquota: command not found

With the new user I have logged into ruTorrent but ofcourse nothing will work as there is no disk space allocated.

Hope to hear from you.


Are you running the setdisk command as root?

I’m overlooking the obvious question here.

Do you have Quotas installed on your server under the Package Management Center within your QuickBox Dashboard?

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Hey, sorry I was being a complete idiot, I should have checked under Package Management Center before leaving a comment. Everything working fine now. Thanks

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