New to QuickBox? Where do I start?

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If you’re new to QuickBox, first of all welcome! It’s great to have you here. In this guide, we’ll be giving you some basic advice in terms of where to start with QuickBox and what you can look at.

First of all, QuickBox is just a script that allows you to easily and quickly install open sourced software on a server or a computer running Linux.

QuickBox in itself is not a seedbox, or a media platform, it’s just the means of providing you with a seedbox or a media platform.

Most users of QuickBox want to be able to easily manage their media server and add new content to it quickly. So one of the first decisions we recommend making is, what do you want to do?

In addition, if you are going to run a media server, then you’ll need to choose the technology behind that. Whether that would be Plex or Jellyfin/Emby. All 3 media platforms have their pros and cons to each but it is about what is going to be right for you, and your setup.

You should consider how many devices you might want to watch content from, what operating systems those devices run, what your internet is like in terms of streaming content.

All of the media platforms don’t compress the image/audio or similar like YouTube/Netflix does, so you’ll need to be aware of this as well to ensure that your setup is going to work how you want it to work.

In addition to this as well, you need to consider your storage. You can’t have your full DVD collection stored on a 2TB hard drive, there is just simple not enough space. So why not consider converting your old gaming PC into a server that you can use, and fill up each of the hard drive bays with a 2TB hard drive in RAID 0?

Running a server is expensive, and the costs can get very high very quickly if you’re not careful. However, the benefits of running a server can outweigh this. Especially if your DVD collection is out of hand and your partner is shouting at you to get rid of them!

There are many guides out there about setting up the “perfect” media server however there is no such thing as perfect. It is all down your use case, and your needs and what you want to be doing. But why not join the QuickBox discord server and get our awesome staff to provide some advice and guidance where we can! We’re always happy to help.

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