New Install Ubuntu 16.04

Hey guys, love what you are doing, and plan to help as much as I can.

I installed this last night on a VM that i set up in my test environment with ESXI and ran into only one issue :
When i opened the web console i noticed the “Back to dashboard” link redirected me to : “https://ipaccess/

Besides that i was looking around the github and noticed some support for openVPN, is this a feature or no? Can’t find any documentation in it.

Side note : looks like my seedbox provider only installs 14.04, so when I do deploy this out i will install on that unless i can get them to install 16.04.

Thanks a ton everyone!


Side note 2 : I have 3 different esxi servers set up in different areas, would love to help test what ever is needed and do not mind being a work horse, installing over and over and over. Have plenty of HD CPU and RAM for multiple environments

Hi, may I ask you about what service provider did you use to setup those VM…? I’m using Vultr from last night and it doesn’t work at all…

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Ubuntu 14.04 will continue to work, the only thing that may change with this is there will be separate branches per release. This only helps us to maintain an even flow and focus on issues on a per ditro/rel basis.

In regards to OpenVPN. Absolutely! The script is in the repo at the moment and the next version of the script will have this all included as simple commands for creating .ovpn files on a per user created basis, much like how you type in createSeedboxUser.

Thanks for mentioning the ipaccess issue. That is an oversight with the older versions that was corrected in the 16.04 iteration of the script. I’ll have that addressed as soon as possible for all other versions.

Since you have the means for testing, I could add you to the beta squad and you can review the guidelines within that forum. You can test (in your spare time) in regards to whichever versions (Distro/Rel) that you have access to.

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Hey there @lazaac. Could you provide any logs from Vultr that you may have from the install? You can find the installer logs at /root/quick-box.log.

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@lazaac i am using my own servers for my testing environment. They are servers i have co-located.

They are running on ESXI 6u2 OS.

@JMSolo Absolutely please do. I’m in linux all day for work, easy to have a couple extra sessions open for 'testing" :slight_smile: