New Install QuickBox Dashbord Error

Dashboard error


anyone can help to fix this ?

What source did you use to install?

You can do the following to adjust this: (Please ensure you run this as root)

rm -rf QuickBox
git clone --recursive QuickBox &&
bash ~/QuickBox/packages/system/updateQuickBox

i install 2.4.1

Did you follow the steps I just posted above?

yes, i will try reboot my server now.
because when i finish fresh install, all work well, and after i reboot my server back again.
follow your step all work fine. and

It could also be an issue with memcache, you shouldn’t really have to reboot. Not a bad idea, but you can flush memcache with service apache2 restart. It tends to be pretty hefty on caching changes… it usually holds the cache for around 10 minutes.

wow, that great :slight_smile:
after i reboot my server, now everthing work well.
thanks JMSolo :blush:

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Wonderful news! Glad it’s all sorted :slight_smile:

Memcached has been trolling the best of us lately :slight_smile: