New Chat program for QB how would you like to see this?

i am thinking of using this as a irc replacement as it seems pretty cool to use and really easy to setup.


Hello @dtech_banned,

It’s a good idea, it’s a lot more easy than IRC. I looked, Rocket Chat doesn’t support full end-to-end encryption yet but I searched, there is no other applications which support e2e encryption so… :slight_smile:

This app may be interresting too :

irc it self has no end to end encryption but as it is ran on a server and if it was forced over https that would help a bit for the the reason i like it is it is simple to install and has apps for phones. this is useful for me at least as i want to help people from my phone when im out and about.

the idea is that people can get help when they need it. also gives a place to talk to people about QuickBox there would be no need for e2e encryption as the chat is stored on the server.

You’re right :wink:
It just could be cool if the server didn’t store anything… :wink:

Regarding this discussion, do you think it could be useful to create a gitter discussion for dev, linked with the Quickbox Gitlab ?

Seems really interesting.
Tried to load up IRC last night but it didn’t work. Probably my issue as it was late and I was tired. Been years since using IRC.