Negative harddrive number

Hi all,

brand new to this QuickBox.

But now i’ve finished the installation and join the QuickBox in my browser. But… under “Disk Status” I’ve got these numbers:

“Free: -0.00123215 GB”

“Used: 0.00123215 GB
Size: 0 GB
Disk Space”

“You have used INF% of your total disk space”

How do i change this to the right info?

Thank you!

What is the output of the command lsblk?
Additionally, negative numbers imply you have quotas installed. Are you the only user on the server?

box remove quota
might help

Perfect! sudo box remove quota did the job! Thank you!!

But i aint got a clue about what that command did?

It removes Quotas from your system. Quotas are only needed if you intend to share your server with multiple users.

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