Need help installing on ubuntu 14.04



so used your script on a ovh server now i wanted to replace seedbox i have set up at home with your script and iv tied 2 times now and both times it did not work it runs rutorrent and phps even after fixing the disk_data.php.
i am wondering what all needs changed to install from normal server install.


In regards to /home partitions it will error out as the script is not friendly in that respect. I can say that this weekend these are my timeline tasks that I am seriously committed to.

  1. Make a functional and separate script for /home servers
  2. Update to run on 16.04 with PHP 7

In regards to what all needs to change you can follow these basic steps.

There are known issue with any server using /home as the primary mount partition.

The solution would be to reset quotas and assign them to that particular mount as quotas within the script are mounted to /

This fix isn’t too terribly complicated and will be built into a future version.

In the meantime, try this out:

quotaoff -a
service quota stop
mount -o remount /home
quotacheck -auMF vfsv1
quotaon -uv /home
service quota start

You will additionally need to make a quick adjustment to the diskspace plugin within rutorrent as follows:

Navigate to the file action.php at /srv/rutorrent/plugins/diskspace/action.php

Change the lines:

$total = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u / | /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf $4*1024}'");
$free = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u / | /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf ($4-$3)*1024}'");


$total = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /home | /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf $4*1024}'");
$free = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /home | /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf ($4-$3)*1024}'");

For good measure, let’s restart quotas with service quota restart followed by service apache2 restart

Now your quotas should be able to get the proper assignments on the proper mounts.

If you problem concerns additional issues. Please list them out in detail so we can problem solve.

Quota's and commands
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thank you, for the quick response. I love this script and the gui is nice i want to use it for me and friends i also want to add a donate widget but i think i failed i know little to nothing about html or any web user interface im still rather noobish when comes to linux i know how to get from place to place. and i think my big problem was a typo createSeedboxUser has caps in it makes confusing most commands do not. simple mistake. but i think i got it to work. my homeserver is clean install and when i ran the script i ran as sudo su so it was under root.


id love to help with this script in anyway i can, i don’t have money or programing experience but i do have lots of time.


Ah yes, it does need to be ran as root in order to do all it’s magic otherwise it likes to throw a bunch of fail.

A donate widget is a nice little idea… however, if it were to be implemented by us, it would be a donation function to Swizards. :wink: Although, it wouldn’t be too hard to then see how the widget responds and you could modify it to your liking. Once that has more thought and makes it in the pipeline of things to do, I could produce a little write up on how to modify it.


That’s actually a perfect thing to have. Not myself or many of the folks at Swizards have a lot of time. So I could throw some samples your way and you could test them.

If that sounds good to you, I could set up a beta testers group and throw development scripts at you guys. I’ll add you if this seems like something you’d be up for. The perk getting access to unreleased features before anyone else, the caveat being all the bugs that may come with it and loss of hair :laughing:


sounds great lol i have plenty of hdd space and know how to work with virtualbox. id be glad to help


Sounds great! Thank you for making yourself available. We’ll have the beta group setup by this evening and you will be added once it’s complete.

It will be a closed group only made available to beta testers, so please read the ‘About the Beta Testers’ once you’re in the group, just to verify certain conditions that come with being in the group and keeping your status.