Need advice please

Hi everyone. Can someone tell me which option below is better for Seedbox and Plex. Thank you

Option A form : Soyoustart

ProcessorIntel Xeon E3 1245v2Cores/Threads4 cores/ 8 threadsFrequency3.4 GHz+RAM32GB DDR3Disks2 x 2 TB SATARAIDSoftCarte réseau1 GbpsBandwidth250 MbpsTrafficUnlimitedIPv41IPv6/64

Option B from :

ManufacturerDell PowerEdge R320Processor1x Intel® Xeon® E5 1410 v2
4 C / 8T @2.8 Ghz cache L3 10MB, x64, VTCPU RangeSource : cpubenchmark.net9110 25000Memory96 GB DDR3 ECCStorage2 × 4 TB SATA
2 × 500 GB SSDRAID HardwareH710 RAID 0/1 HARD
Cache 512 MBHot-swappable hard drives and redundancy of power supplies
Internet bandwidth guaranteedPremium 500 Mbit/sTrafficUnmetered

id go with the E5 cpu but idk how bandwith is with
i like soyoustart but they are not super fast with upload 30MB/s max avg 20MB/s

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I can’t say anything about but I have used SYS for a few months now and am very pleased. I run my seedbox and Plex through it with no problems at all. Just be aware they are a little slow on the support side though

I myself use SYS as I am heavy on streaming media and SYS Canada tends to offer up a better solution for my needs. For this reason either of these choices will be purely subjective to user needs. SYS will provide you a few things that are a bit better in terms of basic comparisons.

  1. Setup fees are not outrageous
  2. Storage options and/or hardware (even an E3) can be higher rated (You may even get lucky and order that E3 but get an E5 delivered instead… this is random though)
  3. Streaming higher media types and larger file sizes is slightly better to America… US in particular.

However, is nothing to lol at. You may typically have to pay some crazy setup fee and also have to accept their terms in regards to cancellation (before the 20th of the month or you’re stuck with it for another month)… but… they do offer a higher bandwidth.

If you are not requiring a lot of space and 1TB is sufficient for your needs, and are also not needing to stream 1080p to the US; I would hop on those SSD in RAID 0… no way would you regret that choice… unless you find yourself needing more space.

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