Mutiple Logins Required?

Hi All!

Just wanted to start this by thanking the QuickBox Dev team for their fantastic application, Wiki and Community Plaza! So often I see applications that seem useful, but struggle to find proper documentation regarding it’s use, QuickBox has been the breath of fresh air I needed!

On to my issue;

When logging into any QuickBox Service via a browser (Have tested Chrome + Safari + Firefox + IE + Edge), I’m prompted to enter my credentials twice. Unsure if this is an issue with my setup, or a “feature”?

Can someone point me in the right direction for diagnosing this issue? :slight_smile:


does it log in after the second time?

It sure does! Just a minor annoyance at this stage, as I’m still able to access my services, but I plan on rolling out new users in the future and want to ensure that this issue doesn’t continue to occur.

well as it is the cookie that is being created that is why it does that due to how its authentication works.

one way around this could be to use a domain and have letsecrypt set up.

I’ve gone through and setup LetsEncrypt yesterday to my subdomain

did this not fix the problem?

No, unfortunately not, but I’ll go through the process again and see if there’s something I missed.

you could try https://Username:Password@domain
this should make it lot easier.

I’ve noticed a double authentication request only on services that have a port. rutorrent and the downloads folder are both on 80, and don’t ask for credentials again.