Music server suggestions

Hi fellow QuickBoxers!

I am currently looking for a good music server to install on my new Hetzner box - only real requirements I can think of are:

  • Must support FLAC and MP3.
  • Having an decent Android mobil app.

Any suggestions are welcome. I have tried out using the Plex solution, but found it to have a really hard time with mixed artist discs (e.g. Soundtracks) - so think I need a dedicated solution for this.

i have 100+gb of mostly rock and some other music

server options this one looks really cool.

We’ll be including Subsonic on the next iteration. I currently have it on the development board as I type this. I will be working on it heavily tomorrow when I am not here enjoying my free time. I prefer to keep music separate from Plex myself and Subsonic is the perfect match for most music file types.


Oh wow - thanks guys!

I’ll read through these - I’m in no hurry, so will take my time picking one. Might just start by giving Subsonic a spin when pushed out.

Im running at the moment on a different machine.


Koel looks really cool…

I agree, the only thing we’d have issues with is that it requires laravel framework to run. I will check this out on a couple of test environments and see what happens when running parallel to QuickBox. To avoid bloat it would need to install composer/laravel etc on package install and then purge on remove.

Koel does indeed look slick - the lack of an app for android is a bit of a non-starter for me though. Most of my music is consumed when out and about.

But I’ll surely bookmark it, and check up on it later.

its really neat once you have it installed. its not aa simple to install as quickbox though. I dont like the subsonic webclient but will use it for the app since the plex app for music is okay but lacks a lot of features

I have used subsonic for a long time now it works really good and it will benefit from keeping the music organised it will be benefitted even more if the music is organised in the artist - - > album - - > songs
Being the top folder being the artist name then it would operate like most every single music played. I found this works really good.