Multipe app requests


Looking at what I run on my home box, I can see these apps being loaded on my seedbox and useful to others.
Plex Report(emails are prettier than plexemail):

These along with Sonarr make a really nice package.

If I took the time to figure out how your package system works, I’d be able to help with this. I havent looked at it.

Suggestion - Jackett

Thanks for the suggestions @RXWatcher !

We definitely want to include as may installers as possible and since they are optional, we could literally include just about any request made. That being said, I have taken notes on your request here. At the present moment I am working out integrating pyLoad as per a previous users request. Also, working on building in a development pipeline that is viewable by all, to see what is in the works and it’s percentage of completion (that’s taking me a bit, but it’s getting there.)

I will also build in a wiki article today (I should really grind on this now) that gives a bit of info/template on the structure of our installer as well as how to go about submitting a successful pull request.

I know CouchPotato is the next inline as it is another one that is requested often. So it is going to be following pyLoad integration.


Jackett implementation would be nice to see, to add api-like functionality for expanding the search for TV series beyond the limited scope of RSS windows.


PlexPy & PlexRequests already on my own internal lists as well.

Curious why vs PlexRequests.meteor though. Thoughts? I’ve always used the meteor version.


I’ve found the version to be more feature rich. For example there is a landing page in it now:

and following that is the normal PR login page: