Multi-User, how do?


I have KVM QuickBox dedicated with my own account. All is already installated.
Now i have added a new person. But there is no apps, and with the interface, same issue.

How to resolve this?


the second user does not have apps this is just how qb works main user gets the good stuff and secondary just seedboxes

So not possible to have multi user with plex, netxcloud etc …? :confused:

No it is not. In the future when we work towards converting our application into a docker… this possibility may exists. However, we do express heavily that QuickBox is not geared toward multi-user use… it’s just a nice side effect that offers additional users torrenting applications such as ruTorrent & Deluge.

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This is how bytesized have implemented their script. It’s great for adding / removing modules, but a nightmare when you try to get containers to talk to each other (eg sonarr -> ruTorrent)

It’s also a pain to edit files inside containers, then have to commit each time - but multi user is a big plus :slight_smile:

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Yes, this exactly. There is also the risk of converting to Docker and losing a lot of potential future coders and supporters to QuickBox. We prefer our application to stay solid and user friendly (as well as accessing the code per any changes etc). The Docker adventure is on the horizon… but I can’t say we’re excited about it. :blush:

We do know that we want to move into a more user-friendly territory when it comes to other applications supported by the QuickBox ecosystem.

I had this grand vision of building my new hetzner box docker. Once I realised you had to specify working directories for containers, then docker cp other stuff it just became a nightmare. I spent a good week or so trying to figure out. Quickbox is definitely more newbie friendly. I’ve learned so much because it’s easy to poke around in the directories

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