Multi-User Aspect Suggestions

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A nice addition to Quickbox would be to have a main control Panel in the master panel to manage users via the GUI instead of via console/commands.

Like buttons to create users with boxes to enter values like quota/name/password etc or a user disable button.

For people who need multi users setups/multiple servers it would a great feature to have if we could control others servers/users from single server/panel so that users can be managed etc.

As title says, I think having the ability to choose or hide Widgets in Panel to users/specific users would be a nice feature.

I’ve been trying to edit the index.html to hide or remove all of the widgets except the one for enable/disabling rtorrent etc.

I’ve tried various way like removing the widgets code but I get so far and then something goes wrong, either page does not load or for some reason the enable buttons dissapear in the widget I want to keep.

I noticed this code…

       <?php if ($username == "$master") { ?>

Master is username of initial user created in setup. I’ve tried using thsi to hide wisgets but only seem to get it to work on the bandwidth widget.

Can anybody help or give any clues as to how I could achieve goal?



How could I hide some widgets for users or maybe remove completely?

I noticed there is a code to hide but I’ve had no luck with it…

<?php if ($username == "$master") { ?>

For time being, Ideally I would like to hide some widgets from user accounts that are not the initial account or if not possible would like to remove some so that only the one that you can enable/disable or restart rutorrent remains.

Any ideas?

We’ve already seen your other post on this, the two are incredibly similar in nature. Since this is a customization, you may have to wait some time for this… please keep it to your feature requests as any customization’s will be overwritten currently by the updates.

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It would be a nice feature to have if we could disable a user (not delete) just so they temporaily did not have access to account and their rtorrent was not active either.

Another request would be a way we could disable the use of the Panel for specifc or all users except the master account.

Note to QuickBox Staff: I approved of these requests being combined


these all have been combined under one place to make my stress less stressful.
as these are all something you will profit off of these requests all are for managing a seedbox company and we have been working on developing one dashboard for this reason alone and we also are willing to work with seedbox companies but time = money

Quickbox is geared towards making it easy for anyone to make their own seedbox. this being said people are more than welcome to make requests and but there is no promise things will be added and no timeframe on things that will as developers here have day jobs and do this on their off times you have to be more understanding of time.

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It looks like you have moved one of my general support topics (Hiding Widgets) into this suggestions section? I created that topic to ask for general info/help from community of anybody willing to reply as to a edit I could make work. It wasn’t a suggestion, although I did create a separate topic in the section for the feature.

Can you please return the topic to customizations or support section please as you have now made it less likely it will be noticed/read.

I’m also aware there is no expectation of any features been added or timeframe etc. I was simply making suggestions. I have talked to dev in past and will be discussing/paying for time/work on a custom build/edits for myself privately.

Multiuser features are found in Quickbox Pro.

The features listed here?

not yet - work in progress.