Multi drive install

HI i just bought a server that has a 240 GB ssd and 2x3tb hdd. I have the os installed to the ssd and have created a raid 0 with the 2 3tb drives mounted under /mnt/md0. I would like for the torrents to be downloaded to the raid drives and have managed to do this by changing the download location in rtorrent config file but the diskspace usage widget and in rtorrent shows the free space on the ssd drive. I dont have quotas enabled as im the only user. Have i done something wrong in setting this up?

set the ssd as the os / mount point.
set the raid 0 /home mount point.
and you should be set. you will not need to use quota

Or you can just go to /srv/rutorrent/conf/users/username/config.php and change
$topDirectory = ‘/home/username/’;
$topDirectory = ‘/mnt/md0’;

This has worked for me earlier when i had a server with several HDDs and let each user have their own HDD

I have try your solution and do not working,

my mount point are under my directory:


and I not can’t display my second hard drive, as the primary are only OS :frowning: