Moving to a New Server? Or have API Issues? Here's some advice

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We are seeing an increase of people moving to a new and more powerful server which is absolutely fantastic to see! Having more horsepower for your server gives you more flexibility and hopefully more storage space too!

We tend to see the same question pop up when this topic comes up and that’s “Can I move my subscription to a new server?” and it’s a really simple question – Yes! And it’s super easy to do so too!

If you still have access to your server, then you’ll want to run this command to disable the API connection “qb api”.

However, you might of accidentally removed the server from circulation, or no longer have access to it. But it’s really simple, you can just access your API keys by going to the API Keys area of the website.

Then just delete the API key for your server, and then you’re set ready to go.

We also see that when people are installing QuickBox on their server, that it says it’s not able to be activated, and again this is due to the API being active on an old server, or an old installation. You should check that you don’t have any other API’s active on your account and if you do, then just delete them.

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